Welcome to Wavecrest — Unit A-303

All condos at this resort are privately owned. Please do not ask for assistance at the front desk. Please call the owner who you rented from for any assistance or guidance. Our phone numbers are:  (800)396-9050 or (805)772-1262.

  1. You may park in any space — (Handicapped placards are needed for the blue ones.)
  2. If either or both of the water supplies are turned off; please find the shut-off valves located under the lavatory vanity. A 1/4 turn will reverse their positions. The directions are marked.
  3. Check-out time is 11:00 AM; Check-in: 3:00 PM.
  4. Please sign-in at the front desk within 24 hours of arrival. Copies of the Wavecrest rules and much Aloha are available there. Take note of the pool rules – glassware and containers are forbidden. If you break any glass there they are required to drain the pool to clean it. (You will be unpopular.)
  5. The Laundry room key (the big square one)is next to your walk-around front door keys. The laundry rooms are located in the center stairwells of each floor. This key also gets you into the tennis courts. Please return the keys to their rack and to the lock boxes upon your departure. If the Laundry room key is lost, they charge us $50.00 to replace it.
  6. You will want to stockpile some quarters if you want to do your laundry. Two washer loads equal one dryer load. If you use the last of the detergent, please replace it with a low-sudsing type.
  7. The phone # here in the Unit is (808) 558-0011. You may make unlimited free calls throughout the Lower 48 of the USA. Collect, 900#, and International calls should be blocked. If any such charges do come in the next month, you will be contacted so that these excess charges can be paid for. Your credit card info will be retained till then. and used – if necessary. If a lot of international calls, etc. are necessary, getting a calling card will be a good idea. The USPS address here is: Wavecrest Resort – Unit A-303, HC 01 – Box 541, Kaunakakai, HI 96742. The address for Fedex, UPS, DHL, Airborne, etc. is: Wavecrest Resort Unit A-303, 7146 Kamehameha V Hwy, Kaunaklakai, HI. 96742.
  8. The copy machine will scan to email, make black & white copies, and print from your laptop.
  9. Please feel free to use the answering service. Dial 558-0011, enter the code — #0011 — then 1. (Try to erase your accumulated messages when you leave.)
  10. You will be well advised to keep the screen door closed as much as possible, especially at night. There are lots of harmless black bugs that fly in – attracted by the lights. Speaking of bugs, – it is very important everywhere in the Tropics to NOT leave Foodstuffs out on the countertops or floors, especially sweets and fruit. We make every effort to keep this place clean; please help us out in this endeavor, by taking the trash out to the dumpsters every day.
  11. At the end of your stay – Tina— our housekeeper, will appreciate it if you leave unused sheets and towels where they were; leave used sheets on the beds (left unmade), and used towels in the hamper in the bathroom. We always try to rinse off the dishes; then put them in the dishwasher, and run it before we leave.
  12. If you’ve brought your laptop, you can plug into the high-speed Internet at the triangular dest. Free wireless is also available — try wavecrest “A” or “Cabana” — no password is required. You can play music out of your computer to the white speakers below. The TV, Bose, NetGear (Netflix is active at no extra charge) & DVD instructions are either in a basket in the lower kitchen cabinet to the right of the sink, or below the the TV.
  13. Please put the little black band back around the bottom end of the Murphy bed when you fold it up.
  14. Tennis racquets and balls and are in the tall pantry closet. Play is first come – first served, during daylight hours. More rackets and shuffleboard equipment are available at the front desk. The big square key gets you in.
  15.  This apartment should be clean upon your arrival; — and stocked with: TP, paper towels, dishwasher soap, and hand and bar soap.
  16.  Activities we highly recommend: swimming (or better, snorkeling) at 20 mile beach early in the morning — especially when the wind has been down overnight and the tide is at mean or higher. (If there are a lot of rocks showing in the little lagoon off to the left as you look out from the lanai, you’ll be better off going in at a later time.) Early on in the trip, – try fishing with either Walter Naki (808-558-8174), or Cap. Joe (808-558-8377); and you just might fill the freezer. Absolutely – you must try driving out East to the Halawa Valley, which will take you back through three microclimates to a beautiful beach. Drive over to the Kalaupapa Lookout (or better yet, walk into Kalaupapa, ride in on the mules, or fly in – John’s favorite.) This is surely one of the most exquisite pieces of scenery in the world – and one with what must be one of our most tragic histories. Contact: Molokai Fish and Dive at 808-553-5926.
  17. Take a drive over to see Popohaku (and also Dixie) beaches — especially early in the morning. Please DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SWIM POPOHAHU BEACH. People are lost there every year to the rip. Dixie Maru — a little further down the road — is great.
  18. Try eating at the Cookhouse, or Paddler’s Inn, or — our favorite spot — The Hotel Molokai. Late Friday afternoon,around 5:00pm, listening to the Kapunas there is a must.
  19. Relax down by the pool at the resort — and check out that lending library. Please leave my own books up in the apartment. You may use any of the CD’s or DVD’s you see in the bookcases.
  20. If something is awry or if you have any questions, please call John at 1-800-396-9050 (c), or at home at 805-772-1262. Please remember, it’s 2-6 hours later on the mainland than it is in Hawaii. ENJOY.
  21. While you’re staying with us or when you return home —   Please do us the kind favor of writing a review using VRBO or TripAdvisor  Please mention our apartment # A-303 and send us a copy if you will  We’re always looking for ways to improve your stay.

Mahalo — John and Barbara — Aloha—-